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The Hatter Tea Co. is an event planning and catering company that specializes in throwing traditional and themed high tea parties in Austin, TX. We provide everything you need for an amazing celebration: the tea party food and beverages, the serving ware, linens, china, tea sets, and a variety of themed decorations to make your high tea party an exceptional and one of a kind experience. No more shopping, setting up, or even cleaning up to do! 


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"I combined my love of tea, pastries, and party planning into the dream job of my life!"

Established in 2013, The Hatter Tea Co. is owned and operated by Pastry Chef Rachel Khorzad. With the help her lovely staff, they hope to bring back the tea party in new and inspiring ways.

Pastry Chef Rachel Khorzad

What is High Tea?

“High Tea” in America is equivalent to the English afternoon “full tea” served just before dinner. It is typically made up of tea, various sweets and various "savories" (savory/salty foods). Sweets like scones are popular for full tea, as are other light tea foods like tea cookies and petite fours. Usually, savories in full tea include finger sandwiches, but they may also include soups, quiches or lighter savory snacks. Full tea is often (but not always) served on a three-tiered tray, and typically, the bottom tier will hold savories (like finger sandwiches) and the higher tiers will hold two types of sweets (like scones and petits fours). It is usually recommended that you begin with the bottom tier and work your way up, but there's never a wrong way to have tea!